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Consumer goods

Increase supply chain efficiency with Peak

Consistently ensure product availability for consumers in the face of rapidly-evolving expectations

The AI opportunity.

Rapidly-evolving consumer expectations and tastes are making it difficult for brands to respond to production, promotion and demand effectively. Consistently ensuring product availability for consumers is difficult when you’re reliant on static spreadsheets, legacy systems, inaccurate forecasts and incomplete data.

Peak brings all your data together to make great decisions in inventory planning and distribution, and enhances direct-to-consumer channels with improved engagement and acquisition.

Stop guessing, start knowing.

Picture being able to rapidly respond to production, promotion and demand effectively – driven by data. Or having a supply chain that is interconnected and being confident of making the right decisions that impact sales positively, before it’s too late.

Leverage AI to quickly analyze vast amounts of complex data to anticipate and resolve problems before they impact your service levels and customer experience.

Peak applications give you this, and more.

CPG applications

Our applications, built on Peak, help supply chain, logistics managers, demand and supply planners and category managers make agile decisions. Each application brings data from multiple sources and systems, enriched with AI and business parameters to surface actionable recommendations and insights on Peak or your preferred system.

Our core applications are listed above, however, we do have expertise in many other use cases. Contact us if you’re looking for something different.

  • Trust your forecast

    Improve forecasting with a higher degree of accuracy and more confidence in your decision making.

  • Fully-informed decisions

    Unify your data from across the business to understand the context of what’s happened.

  • Increase supply chain resilience

    Set safety stock levels that balance service levels with reducing working capital.

  • Improve sustainability

    Reduce unnecessary wastage and positively impact your carbon footprint.

  • Connected decision making

    Link decision making across your entire operation with AI.

Peak delivers for CPG brands

With Peak’s cloud AI platform, we’re able to have a complete view of the supply chain, enabling us to make better decisions about stock, ordering and warehouse operations.

Simon Mellin

Founder and CEO, The Modern Milkman

You’re in good company

We believe in forging the perfect partnership with our customers, giving you the technology and skills you need to guarantee success with AI.

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