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Peak can unlock the power of your data and help you use AI to help make great decisions across your business, all the time.

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What could your organization do with Decision Intelligence from Peak?

Peak can deliver great outcomes across your business, from customer, through demand planning and forecasting, to supply chain logistics and warehousing.

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Hear our customers talk about how they have unlocked the power of their data, and transformed their commercial decision making.

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Once a nice-to-have, AI is now a business essential in an ever-changing and increasingly competitive retail market.


Data and AI are powering the manufacturing industry’s future by driving growth, efficiency, and profitability.

Consumer Packaged Goods

CPG companies that can use data to improve their processes and enable faster decision making will be the market leaders.

The Peak platform powers all of the work we do for our customers

Our Decision Intelligence platform enables you to rapidly deploy AI applications, harnessing the true potential of your data thanks to its unique full-stack features and architecture.

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Peak makes it easy to get started

  • Peak has the technology, strategy, services, and support to help you succeed with Decision Intelligence – a new category of enterprise software.

  • Messy data? No problem. Peak ingests, transforms, and unifies your data to deliver rapid results with a short time to value.

  • Solutions are configured to meet your needs, with each one focused on optimizing specific business functions.

  • Peak integrates with your existing business systems, so there’s no need to rip and replace.

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Our guide will help you take the first steps on your Decision Intelligence journey and put you on the path to success.

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