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Superhumans like you make Peak a great place to be. Are you ready to realise your full potential and reach your Peak?

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Why Peak?

We’re at the forefront of the rapidly-growing Decision Intelligence market, with ambitions to become the world’s leading enterprise AI platform.

However, this isn’t our only mission. We’re also building an incredible company – one that our team loves being a part of.

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We want our team to love being a part of what we do – not just for the amazing work we produce, but also for how we look after each other. From our wellbeing support to our culture of continuous learning and superb clubhouses, we're focused on our people and continually enhancing our benefits package.


We believe only a free mind can create masterpieces. Our compensation package will leave no room for worries and allow you to focus on doing what you do best.


You know what works best for you, so we offer you the freedom to choose any tools and equipment. Whether it’s a MacBook, IDE or any piece of software, just let us know. We’ll have everything ready for you.

Wellbeing and family support

We care about you and your loved ones. At Peak, we offer ultimate health insurance plans for you, your spouse and your children. In case you need a second opinion, don’t hesitate and take advice from our company doctor. Know that we are here to keep you and your family safe.

Collaborative learning approach

We believe learning is the key to success. Do you have a dream to continue pursuing higher education? Want to get a professional certification? Have a life-changing workshop to attend? We have your back! Fulfil your dreams without slowing down on your career path.

Time off

We understand the importance of taking some time off to recharge. We offer flexitime, a five day working week, annual leave and working-from-home hybrid options. Choose what will nurture your creativity – we’ll take care of the rest.

Leading technology projects

We create unique AI customer-tailored solutions for some of the world’s leading brands. You’ll get to learn and work on cutting-edge technologies, shaping historical shifts in industry footprints.

Team socials

We work and have fun together as a team. Frequently we arrange company trips, picnics, cinema evenings, birthday bashes – the list goes on! We strive to create the most enriching opportunities to help you enjoy your life – but only on weekdays, because how you want to spend a weekend is totally up to you!

Rewards and benefits

We value your contributions and support your achievements. We have comprehensive award programs recognising your hard work and meaningful impact on our culture and business. Let’s celebrate success together.

Mental health and wellbeing

At Peak we offer a free subscription to the Headspace app which allows you to access meditation techniques, peaceful playlists, workouts, yoga and much more for when you need a little TLC. We also provide access to Spill, which is a platform where you can book therapy sessions with experts for anything from management training to building emotional intelligence. We’re all about the people here at Peak!

Modern amenities

We care about your convenience. Our office is nestled in the heart of the city with all modern facilities within easy reach. If you need a break cafeteria, gyms, break rooms, refreshments, a large number of cozy restaurants nearby are at your service.

Giving back

We love giving back to society by supporting diverse foundations and charities. Have one you are already contributing to? We are all in! Get a day off to volunteer and make a difference in our community.

International Travel

Become part of our global team and enjoy international travel to our multiple worldwide clubhouses!

It's more than a job

We’re passionate about what we do and provide meaningful careers, not just jobs. You’ll be a part of a fast-moving team focused on innovation, delivering amazing results for the world’s most recognisable brands. Together we’ll continue achieving massive growth and global expansion.

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We know diversity of skills, experiences, thoughts and backgrounds lies at the heart of innovation. Celebrating your authenticity every day, we create a unique environment for creativity, acceptance and fun.

At Peak, we believe in equal opportunity for all, irrespective of gender, race, age or ethnicity; this makes our team truly global.

We’ve been striving to build a diverse and inclusive team from the outset. At Peak we encourage every member to bring their most authentic selves to work and ensure everyone feels welcomed, comfortable and valued.

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What our team have to say

At Peak, we are:

Peak is a great place to work; we’re focused on employee wellbeing and creating a great environment where everyone loves to be. It’s about a shared sense of ownership and purpose, doing great and interesting work and having fun along the way!

  • Smart

  • Curious

  • Open

  • Driven

  • Responsible

A diverse culture of innovation

With a flat structure and open communication channels, we have created a culture of innovation where everyone is invested in Peak’s success and has ownership over their role. We look after each other, and celebrate our success together. We’re looking for passionate, committed people who will help us maintain and enhance the Peak culture as we continue to build a great business.

Women in tech

Hear from some of the Peak team on how they got started on their chosen career paths, their biggest achievements to date, and the advice they'd give to others…

Our process

Our interview process is open, thorough and fair on both sides; you’ll get to meet a range of people and find out all about Peak and our ambitions.


Initial intro to Peak, normally a phone call

Our process - Intro

Face to Face

Interview to explore and discuss values

Our process - Face to face

Skills session

You will be set a task and present the outcome

Our process - Skills session

Meet a founder

Discuss Peak’s future and your career here

Our process - Meet a founder

A day in the life

Watch Amy, Robbie and Josh talk through what a typical working day looks like for them, the projects they're working on, and why they love being part of the Peak family!

Amy Sharif

Data Science Team Leader
Amy specialises in delivering Customer Intelligence solutions for businesses, helping them to get more from their marketing.

Robbie Vigers

Commercial Manager
Robbie discusses his experience working at Peak as a Commercial Manager.

Josh Marsden

Senior Software Engineer
Hear from Josh as he talks us through his career progression at Peak so far, and why he loves being a part of our engineering team.

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