Customer segmentation that enables personalized experiences to win new customers and delight existing ones

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What do your customers want? You should know.

The cost of customer acquisition keeps going up, so do customer expectations.

It’s difficult and time consuming to segment customers into meaningful groups and tailor content to preferences.

If you’re looking to capture new customers and keep them coming back, then you’re our target audience.

A detailed customer view at your fingertips

Audiences helps you unleash the power of AI on every customer touchpoint. It gives you the insights you need to get deeply acquainted with your customers. Use these insights to build segments, based on attributes, preferences and behaviors.

Create and automate communications, each as unique as your customer. Attract new customers, delight existing ones and drive the growth that will earn applause in your industry.

Stop guessing, start knowing

Forge deeper relationships with customers and drive brand loyalty with targeted and relevant audience segmentation that ensures there’s always a data-led reason behind your content and communications.

  • Increase return on investment

  • Decrease customer acquisition costs

  • Increase customer lifetime value

  • Increase customer retention

  • Improve engagement & conversion rates

Under the hood

Audiences is built on the Peak platform. It uses AI models to predict a variety of customer behaviors so you can understand your current customers in depth, create lookalike audiences, uncover hidden trends and apply granular targeting.

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