SKU-level markdown optimization suggestions for merchandising teams who want to say goodbye to the hours spent in spreadsheets

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Stop leaving profit on the table

Retailers around the world invest more than $1 trillion in their markdown programs (BCG). Stop leaving profit on the table and out-of-season inventory in the stockroom.

It’s time to add AI and optimize your markdown.

Taking your business targets into account

The application gives you SKU level markdown suggestions for any location or channel. It does this by applying AI models to your inventory, transaction and pricing data, while taking into account business targets and constraints.

Under the hood

Markdown is built on Peak. It uses price elasticity and forecasting models to measure a product’s change in demand in relation to a hypothetical change in its price, giving you SKU-level markdown optimization suggestions based on the metrics you want to maximize.

Maximize your most important metrics

Visualize different scenarios of markdowns and the metrics achieved for each. Explore the breakdown of % discounts given, markdowns in different markets, and product level suggestions.

  • Increase sell through

  • Increase gross profit

  • Clear stock within season

  • Reduce manual decision making & save time

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Peak named in Gartner's Market Guide for Retail Unified Price, Promotion and Markdown Optimization Applications — ShortLife Cycle

Our Markdown optimization application has been included in a 2022 Gartner Market Guide.

Gartner subscribers can view the report here


Retail markdown optimization

Identifying an opportunity to drive $3m in additional margin.

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