Stock optimization software to help you sync your stock to demand with product-level, store specific replenishment

Inflexible replenishment systems slowing you down?

You’re looking for the optimal stock levels: not too high, not too low, just right. But most replenishment systems aren’t sophisticated enough to automate adjusting to demand at a granular level. That means lots of businesses set replenishment parameters at category level, causing overstocking or stockouts.

Get the gold standard of replenishment

The Replenishment application uses replenishment software that applies AI models to your data across your whole network. It helps you match quantities of stock with demand, avoiding overstocking and optimizing your return on working capital through better distribution.

Supercharge your inventory replenishment decisions

Ensure the right store and stock cover so you never miss a sale, while balancing inventory so you can free up working capital and streamline distribution operations.

  • Never miss a sale and avoid stockouts

  • Increase sell-through

  • Free up working capital tied up in aged store stock

  • Increase team productivity & save time

  • Streamline warehouse & distribution operations

Under the hood

Replenishment’s stock optimization software is built on Peak’s platform.. It uses forecasting and stock optimization models to recommend dynamic safety stock levels and replenishment points for every store to ensure you have the right stock cover.

See Replenishment’s stock optimization software in action