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State of AI report

AI is a powerhouse, and is changing the way we work.

Headless Segmentation: The only way to win with your customers

Join Peak for a webinar to learn about a new approach to marketing.
Customer Intelligence | Retail

Customer segmentation best practices: a how-to guide

By Jon Taylor on February 16, 2023
Decision Intelligence

Decision Intelligence Maturity report

The path to commercial AI maturity is more nuanced than current AI maturity models suggest…
Decision Intelligence | Construction

Speedy Hire

Optimizing inventory while satisfying more demand across the network.

Reimagining retail powered by AI

Discover how AI can revolutionize retail operations
Demand Intelligence | Retail

Demand and supply: connecting the dots with AI

Take a deep dive into demand forecasting.
Customer Intelligence | Manufacturing


Using Decision Intelligence to create an unrivaled customer experience.

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