Order Allocation

Order fulfillment software

Delivering on-time and in-full (OTIF) is the lifeblood of building great customer experience. Save time and keep your products flowing with Peak’s order fulfillment software.

Stock allocation can be tedious

Manual and time-consuming, effective stock allocation can be a nightmare. Too many orders, too many multi-item orders, demand spikes and supply chain stress is prone to human error.

Peak’s Order Allocation application gives you AI-driven recommendations to help manage fulfillment, so you can speed up the shipping process and deliver on-time-in-full.

Allocate the job to AI with dispatch optimization

Order Allocation uses AI to unify your ​​order book, inventory and logistics data. From there, it tells you the optimal allocation of available stock vs customer orders.

Say hello to customer satisfaction while waving goodbye to late deliveries, returns, and missed sales.

Get stock to the right people, at the right time

Optimize your order allocation so you can maximize customer satisfaction, avoid penalties, and increase your team's productivity.

  • Hit OTIF and service level targets

  • Minimize customer wait times

  • Reduce late deliveries and potential fines

  • Fewer journeys with split orders

  • Improve productivity and save time

Under the hood

Order Allocation’s order fulfillment software is built on Peak’s platform. It uses computational models to optimize order allocation, reducing customer wait time and making sure orders are delivered in full. Use the application to limit the impact of stock limitations that come with supply shocks or demand spikes, keeping your customers happy.



AI-powered inventory optimization. Minimized costs, maximized service.

See Peak’s Order Allocation software in action