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Adoption, accelerated.

Our world-class team of data scientists, industry experts and adoption managers are here to ensure rapid AI adoption and tangible commercial results.

AI is like no software that has come before

To unlock its immense potential, you need to train (and retrain) your AI on the specifics of what makes your business unique and valuable. This takes both skill and knowhow. Many companies will offer you the tools and hope you are successful. At Peak we don’t leave things to chance.

To fully achieve commercial success from AI, you need a partner that will be with you for the whole journey. Peak offers services, to supplement our platform and applications, to ensure you have everything you need to unlock your company’s AI potential.

We support you every step of the way

Some of the ways our professional services team can help.


We build and configure your applications and help ensure your key stakeholders are confident to adopt and use them to deliver the outcomes you need

Data Integration

Our data engineers and scientists can help get your data AI ready and into Peak. We can help to integrate insights, predictions and actions back into your business systems of choice.


Bespoke alterations to your applications, unique to your business. Should your processes or strategy change, we can make these for you if you don’t have the time or resources.

Support Services

Continuous support and partnership to troubleshoot, maintain your models and ensure your applications are optimized and updated as required. We have different levels of support to reflect the needs of your business.

Insights and Analytics

Additional support to build insights from your dataset – whether to determine your next course of action, or which application to take on next. We can also help build custom dashboards to better visualize trends and insights.


For teams who want hands-on experience for their teams on how to best utilize and leverage our platform. All sessions are tailored to your needs.

This is AI, accelerated



We start with your commercial objectives and work to ensure you see value, as fast as possible.



Our team knows your industry and use cases, their track record of delivering successful AI projects is second to none.

Success rate

Success rate

Our support and expertise ensure you can beat the odds that suggest most AI projects fail.

No hype, just results

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