AI inventory purchasing software

Procurement software for purchase order recommendations that ensure a steady flow of stock, without holding too much inventory

When spreadsheets don't deliver

You could spend every waking minute in spreadsheets and still struggle to get the insights you need to make strategic purchasing decisions for your business. There are too many products, too many sites and too much complexity in your supply chain to make manual analysis effective. That means you often find your inventory overstocked with some SKUs and with stockouts of others.

Accurately interpret demand signals

Purchasing’s purchase order management software uses demand forecasting to make sure you buy the right quantities at the right time. Its AI models adapt to the shape of your business, meaning it takes your strategic aims into account in its recommendations. It does the painstaking analysis for you, minimizing excess stock while hitting service levels and revenue goals.

Get the right stock at the right time

Leverage AI to ensure your business can make better decisions to free up working capital without missing an SLA or a sale.

  • Hit target service levels

  • Meet sales revenue targets

  • Minimize excess stock and reduce overhead

  • Prevent unplanned production downtime

  • Avoid stock-outs

  • Reduce costs and obsolescence

Under the hood

Purchasing’s procurement management software is built on Peak’s platform. It uses AI models to recommend optimal purchasing quantities and dates for every product across all your sites. It minimizes costs and helps you achieve target service levels. The application’s procurement software factors in business-specific constraints like safety stock levels, reorder points, minimum order quantities, backorders, space constraints, branch transfers, supplier agreements, and more.

See Purchasing’s procurement management software in action