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Accelerate AI in your business with Peak’s agentic assistant

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Co:Driver has been built from the ground up to provide your teams with the tools they need to accelerate how AI is used everyday in your business. Peak has developed a suite of cutting-edge technologies that drive real performance gains for your business with AI. Co:Driver uses agentic workflows to continually surface business-specific, actionable recommendations and allows users to interrogate, analyze and better understand their AI using natural language question-answer capabilities.


Dig deeper into your data and your own AI with Co:Driver Analyze. Through an easy-to-use interface you can surface deeper insights from each Peak product, saving many hours of manual work in spreadsheets and databases. With ready access to rich answers to your questions, Co:Driver Analyze better connects your people to your data and AI, allowing your business to do more, at pace.


Understand more about why AI is making recommendations with Co:Driver Explain. Successfully implementing AI in your business means both the technology and people must work together to drive real commercial gains. With almost a decade of successful AI deployments, Peak understands this — so Co:Driver Explain allows your teams to dig deeper into AI, understanding the rationale for that recommendation explained in clear terms that provides confidence that decisions will drive business performance.


Ready access to Peak’s user guides and onboarding documents is key to ensuring that teams can leverage and gain the benefits of AI quickly. Through Co:Driver’s conversational in-platform interface you can ask how to carry out a task, understand what elements of the product do and say, and rapidly find the information you need to do your job. With an enhanced user experience, you can develop your AI skills and accelerate your time to value.

Why Co:Driver?

  • Understand your AI like never before

  • Do more with your data

  • Accelerate AI adoption

  • Improve team efficiency

  • Drive real commercial gains

  • Improve AI maturity levels

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