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Introducing Co:Driver

Business actions to drive growth, at your fingertips

AI-generated actions

Co:Driver continuously searches for information, efficiencies and anomalies of potential interest to the user, surfaced as bite-sized recommendations. Choose your preferred next step from a number of AI-generated actions.

Natural language question and answer

Using outputs from your existing AI applications on the Peak platform, Co:Driver allows users to ask questions about their business in natural language, such as how much stock there is in a specific location or which products are the best-performers.

Your own AI, supercharged by generative AI

Co:Driver goes beyond the conventional application of generative AI, providing business teams with an interactive layer between them and their data, speeding up manual interpretation of data outputs, and highlighting critical areas of focus.

Get the first look at Co:Driver

Co:Driver will be available in private preview in January 2024. Sign up now to be among the first customers to have access.