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Address specific business problems, at pace

Insights is a service provided by Peak that leverages the power of the platform to analyze your data, providing recommendations to address specific business problems, at pace. Peak’s Insights data science team works hand in hand with your team to ingest your data, reveal the opportunities hidden within it, and deliver actionable insights back to you.

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Inform strategic decision making with data

Insights reveal opportunities that until now have remained hidden in silos of messy, complex data. Going further than traditional analytics, we employ advanced machine learning methods to find solutions to business problems that have the potential to be transformative to your business operations and adoption of AI in the long term.

Business problems that our team can help tackle:

Optimizing the supply chain

Disruptions in supply chains can lead to missed sales and poor customer service. The Peak Insights team can identify the major sources of these issues and provide recommendations to remedy.

Increasing customer value

Customers are the foundation of any business. The Peak Insights team can identify your most valuable customer personas, revealing opportunities to encourage their behaviours upon the rest of the customer base to increase their value.

Scenario planning

The Peak Insights team can apply our expertise to provide insight into impact of various scenarios and changes to your value chain. For example, a business may want to build a new distribution centre to support their network. Our team can empower confidence in deciding on its optimal location.

Your journey with Insights

ML x Insights: the hottest new collab

Explore the ways insights can draw on machine learning (ML) methods to enhance your insight toolkit, the challenges machine learning for insights can bring, and the direction we see insights taking in the future. Speakers: Liz Green (data scientist at Peak) and Kris Coombes (data scientist at Peak)

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