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Every business needs AI.

Using data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the key to competitive advantage in today's world. Insights-driven businesses grow eight times faster than global GDP, and the most successful companies in the world put data at the heart of their operation.

Peak is the AI service designed to help businesses grow using data. We provide our customers with the technology and skills needed to become data and AI-driven. Our service is powered by our Artificial Intelligence System (AIS), which offers rapid results and becomes your system of intelligence. It’s the AI brain at the core of your business.

19% increase in forecast accuracy

Inventory Optimisation

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27% increase in sales in 30 days

Lead Scoring

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85% accuracy in predicting customer churn

Customer Retention

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Introducing the AI System

With data and AI becoming central to the success of modern businesses, a need for a new type of system has emerged; an AI System (or AIS). An AIS centralises a core asset of your business, your data, into one place and then becomes the central system of intelligence for your company. The AIS makes all other systems smart, too, which enhances the effectiveness of your entire systems landscape.

Because the Peak AIS underpins our service, it allows us to rapidly stream data into a centralised place, where it is then unified, transformed, modelled and published. Our customers take this published data back into their business systems to drive automation, AI-driven decisions and, ultimately growth and enhanced profitability.

Our customers include:

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Peak gives your business the opportunity to grow quickly, efficiently and continuously, using data that you already have.

To find out how your business could thrive using AI, send a message to one of our experts. We’ll tell you what’s possible.