Dynamic Inventory

Balance inventory and service levels

Inventory levels can make or break a business. It’s time to get a smart view of your stock with inventory management software

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Balancing service and inventory levels is hard

How can you accurately forecast inventory levels on products or materials with unpredictable demand? The answer is Peak’s dynamic inventory management software. Its AI models help you hit the perfect levels of service and inventory, meaning you don’t miss out on a sale.

Right stock, right place, right time

Dynamic Inventory puts AI to work on your inventory, order, product, location, and historical sales data. It optimizes your demand forecast accuracy to plan the ideal level of inventory across your network.

Optimize safety stock levels

Maximize margins, while avoiding stockouts, wastage and unnecessary costs across your entire distribution center network with our dynamic inventory optimization solution.

  • Maximize availability, margin, & hit sales targets

  • Meet SLAs & OTIF

  • Optimize safety stock levels

  • Reduce stockouts, wastage, & freight costs

  • Free up working capital

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Under the hood

Dynamic Inventory is a piece of inventory optimization software that’s built on Peak, an AI platform. Demand forecasting and safety stock models are used to recommend reorder points and optimal inventory levels at each distribution center location, helping you meet service levels efficiently.

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What could your organization do with AI from Peak?

Peak can deliver great outcomes across your business, from customer, through demand planning and forecasting, to supply chain logistics and warehousing.