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Supply AI

Effective supply chain management is crucial to maximising the efficiency of any business. Inefficiencies result in high fulfilment costs and missed SLAs, leading to reduced profitability and a poor customer experience.

However, supply chain management isn’t easy. With thousands of product lines and complex distribution operations and processes, making use of the vast amounts of data a business has is impossible to do manually.

Peak’s Supply AI solution has been designed to help businesses fulfil demand at the lowest cost, by leveraging data to automatically understand the fulfilment requirements of individual products and items. This can help you optimise your warehouse or distribution centre, roster resource correctly and rationalise your logistics to fulfil orders at the lowest cost, improve efficiencies and drive profitability.

Reduce costs, drive growth

Our Predicted Supply View combines a business’ data on products, orders and supply chain processes, augmenting with AI to classify individual products and forecast supply requirements. From there, three further AI solutions drive business actions.


Peak delivers real outcomes for real businesses, with our growing customer base enjoying some incredible results.

We have examined stock availability and how best to deploy stock for maximum customer service without increasing stock levels. We are looking at how to reduce unnecessary stock movements to maintain availability as efficiently as possible.

Vehicle utilisation is another focus, where we can identify surplus vehicles which can either be removed or moved to locations short of vehicles. 



AI: the key to supply chain success

Providing insights on all things AI and supply chain related, We discuss the current problems being faced by those working in the worlds of supply chain or fulfilment, and take a look at how AI can help to improve efficiencies and drive tangible business outcomes.

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Supply AI empowers businesses to optimise their supply chain, effectively managing warehousing, human resources and logistics operations.

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We understand that every business is different, and our unique proposition has been developed to make it quick and simple to get started on your AI journey – with a focus on rapid results and a short time to value.


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How could Supply AI help you?

With Supply AI, your business can transform the way it handles fulfilment and manages demand – with a focus on growth and profitability. To find out more, and find out how much it could be worth to your business, get in touch to arrange an AI discovery call.

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