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We’re Peak, an AI platform used by leading businesses to ensure they have always have the right stock, in the right place, at the right time. Our suite of Inventory Intelligence applications can provide you with the holistic inventory view you need to forecast, order and balance optimal stock levels across your network. You recently downloaded our inventory whitepaper — so we’ve pulled together this landing page for you to give you more of a flavor of what we can do in the inventory space.

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21 Day Inventory Challenge

AI for supply chain resilience and agility

Safety stock, purchase orders, redeployment, allocation and replenishment — these are all key supply chain challenges in today’s world. Take the first step in driving transformational change to solve these pain points with Peak and AWS.

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Speedy Hire

Optimizing inventory while satisfying more demand across the network.

Demand forecasting: the leap to advanced machine learning

Discover new approaches to demand forecasting

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