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21 Day Inventory Challenge

Use AI for supply chain resilience and agility. Put Peak to the test, for free!

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Uncertainty plays a huge role in the success of a business.

Being resilient in the face of volatile demand, unpredictable supply and unreliable production is the only way to realize a true cost and value advantage. Peak helps supply chain teams do this with outcomes that reduce inventory, unlock working capital, and never at the expense of availability.

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Put us to the test — for free.

We’ve teamed up with AWS, leveraging over 58 AWS services to deliver game-changing applications, all deployed on the Peak platform. Combining your data with this technology we’ll confirm:

  • Exactly where you’re over and understocked
  • The SKUs and locations causing forecasting headaches
  • The trade-off between service level and cost-to-serve
  • How much money you’re losing to warehouse shelves or missed sales
  • How can this help you?

    The 21 Day Inventory Challenge is a great first step for driving transformational change in the following areas:

    • Safety stock

      Set the optimal min and max levels for every SKU at every location

    • Purchase orders

      Optimized for supplier and product constraints

    • Redeployment

      Efficient redeployments across the internal network of distribution centers and stores

    • Allocation and replenishment

      Know which SKUs to allocate or replenish, for every downstream channel and location

    Next steps

    To understand the value and feasibility to your business, provide your details and we’ll be in touch.


    Set up a quick call

    We’ll have a 30 minute intro call to explore your world and confirm if Peak can help


    Get the ball rolling

    We’ll share a document detailing the data involved and the format required


    Upload your data

    Secure data upload under mutual NDA using Peak’s proven ingestion methods


    Know Your Inventory

    The Peak team will run our unique ‘Know Your Inventory’ analysis over a 21-day period


    Playback the results

    We’ll present our analysis to you and the team, providing you with a bespoke report


    Delete your data

    Your data will be removed from Peak’s AWS cloud infrastructure once the challenge is complete

    Interested in our 21 Day Inventory Challenge?

    Let's set something up. Fill in your details and we'll come back to you with next steps.