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What is Decision Intelligence?

Decision Intelligence (DI) is the commercial application of AI to the decision making process. It is outcome focused and must deliver on commercial objectives.

For your customer organization Decision Intelligence means pinpoint marketing and sales that grows your customer base and revenues, all the time.

For your planning team Decision Intelligence means optimized inventory and pricing that maximizes sales and margin, all the time.

For your supply chain teams Decision Intelligence means an agile supply chain that always delivers for your customer, more efficiently than ever, all the time.

Every organization needs its own AI to drive great decision making

To succeed with Decision Intelligence, you need three things:

  • An AI-ready data set

    All of your data combed, cleaned and structured it to make it easy to manipulate, explore and enrich it with AI.

  • A centralized intelligence

    This is a company's very own AI, and represents the sum total of a company's knowledge about their world, and can spot patterns, trends and future possibilities hidden within vast amounts of data.

  • An interface

    A way for commercial leaders and people to quickly be able to go from data, to insight, to a decision, to be able to monitor the impact. This is where AI is truly put in the hands of commercial leaders.

IDC Report:

Level up your organization with Decision Intelligence

This IDC InfoBrief, written by Neil Ward-Dutton and Jack Vernon, explains why it’s time to level up the way organizations do business with AI-powered decision making.

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Decision Intelligence means great commercial decision making, all the time

No longer reserved for the data science teams of technology super giants, Decision Intelligence makes the transformational power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning accessible to everyone.

With Decision Intelligence you can…

The Superhumans embracing Decision Intelligence

Hear how our customers are unlocking the potential of their data and transforming their decision making with Decision Intelligence. Check out these real world examples to discover how Decision Intelligence helps solve business challenges.

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