Decision Intelligence for retail

This guide will demonstrate how Decision Intelligence can revolutionize decision making in your retail business, connecting data silos to allow you to make great business decisions, all the time.

It will help you dominate your industry, and win.

Learn how the likes of ASOS, Superdry, and Footasylum are all using Decision Intelligence to optimize decision making in different areas of their businesses, from personalized marketing campaigns and AI-powered rebuying, all the way through to optimizing the pickface in their warehouses.

  • Learn why all retailers need to know about Decision Intelligence
  • Discover what’s possible by placing AI-powered decision making at the heart of your business
  • Meet Peak, the platform that makes it all possible
  • Read about detailed applications of AI in sales and marketing, demand planning, and supply chain
  • Find out how your retail peers are using Decision Intelligence to beat the competition

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