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Connecting your data in the Decision Intelligence era

By Chris Billingham on March 9, 2021

More data, more problems?

Data size and velocity has been increasing at an exponential rate since the dawn of the computer. It’s been estimated that the total amount of data in the world at the start of 2020 was approximately 44 zettabytes.

To put that into context, if you were to give every single person on the planet 11 laptops each, the total HDD space would be broadly the same amount.

This huge proliferation of data is also reflected within businesses where, for example, they capture the behaviors of customers on websites, or gather real-time information on the location of delivery vehicles.

This asks questions of how you store all this data. Do you have a number of different databases, each for a different subject area? Do you actually build a data warehouse to support your reporting and analytical organizations?  Do you build a data lake, and empower your data teams to build what they need, however they need it? Do you use on-prem or the cloud? 

These foundational questions on how to organize your data, however, can create their own problems. How can you, as a company, pull together all the insights from these disparate sources of data to improve your business solutions? How can you empower your decision makers with the right intelligence to positively improve the performance of the company? How on earth can we connect all of these disparate data sources?

Enter Peak

We’ve created the Decision Intelligence platform. It’s a new kind of business platform that becomes the place ‘where AI lives’ in a business – slotting in alongside existing systems and applications, rather than replacing them.

This platform builds Decision Intelligence applications that seek to connect these different data sources together, to solve real business problems. But this isn’t just another system, or platform, or workbench that is thrown into the mix; it’s much more than just another data source to tussle with. Peak works in parallel with these data systems, databases, data warehouses and data lakes. We firmly believe that we should leave the data where it is, and bring what is needed into Peak to deliver Decision Intelligence to commercial decision makers.

We’ve developed a wide variety of data connectors that cater to this, from direct connections to various databases, access to Google BigQuery and Facebook, and even something as simple as loading a file.

We’ve even taken that one step further by developing “Bring Your Own Data Layer” technology that directly connects into a Data Warehouse – again, leaving your data where it is and ensuring there’s zero disruption.

There’s no need to change your infrastructure to accommodate Peak, there’s no need to remove or add anything, and there’s absolutely no ripping out required. We work with the data where it is.

(with apologies to xkcd.com/927/)

Your data, your Decision Intelligence

The world continues to generate data at an ever-increasing rate and businesses need to be able to harness this in order to win their sector. Combining all your many data sources together in a way that creates a central system of intelligence – which gets smarter over time as more data is collected and more data sources added – will differentiate between those that hope and those that know.  

Applications developed in this way in our platform can be deployed across an organization in multiple business areas; from sales and marketing, to demand forecasting and planning, through to supply chain management.

Our customers often call Peak the AI brain in their organization, helping them to supercharge their decision making across the whole business. 

Connecting Decision Intelligence with the data that accelerates your business allows you to dominate your industry and win. The best bit? This is done without tearing up the data foundations that have taken you to where you are now.

Peak leaves the data where it is, and our platform takes you into the Decision Intelligence era.

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