Build a resilient, agile business

Balance lean supply chains with resilience and inflation risk, with Peak

Every manufacturer is different

From forecasting demand to reducing waste, our suite of proven AI applications rapidly create value across a range of manufacturing sectors.

Automotive OEMS

Get closer to your customers and compete in a challenging market

Automotive Suppliers

Quickly forecast demand across thousands of SKUs to free up production capacity and reduce resource use

Building Materials

Optimise inventory levels and prices based on shifting customer demand

Buildings Infrastructure

Respond quickly to market changes and optimise margin for every product

Warehousing & Logistics

Leverage AI for greater visibility of your supply chain and more efficient transport routes

Packaging & Paper

Reduce waste and boost productivity with an AI-powered planning cycle

Medical Devices & Supplies

Help deliver positive patient outcomes by maximising supply chain efficiency

Chemical Manufacturing

Maximise output and lean into raw material uncertainty using AI

The AI opportunity

Today, manufacturers are battling to balance lean supply chains with resilience and inflation risk. Data is siloed in different systems and spreadsheets aren’t dynamic enough to make sense of what’s going on. AI can quickly analyze vast amounts of complex data to help manufacturers make faster, more accurate and more consistent decisions to drive sustained value for your business.

Peak helps you make great decisions to optimize processes across your value chain, forecast demand and support your distribution and inventory requirements.

Cost-effective resilience

Imagine feeling confident in making decisions which are accurate, consistent and aligned across sales, distribution and operations. Or having recommendations which help you build a cost-effective business, resilient to market supply changes.

Leverage AI to quickly analyze vast amounts of data to anticipate and respond quickly to fluctuations in demand and supply. Keep production flowing smoothly, improve margins and keep your customers happy.

Manufacturing applications

Our applications, built on Peak, help supply chain, logistics managers, supply planners and sales managers make agile decisions, faster than their competitors. Each application brings data from multiple sources and systems, enriched with AI and specific business parameters to surface actionable recommendations and insights on Peak or your preferred system.

Deployment Planning

Deployment Planning uses an operational demand forecast, inventory level and related user inputs – such as modes of transport and financial budgets – to plan stock moves from factory to distribution center (DC) network.

Vehicle Routing

Vehicle Routing rapidly plans routes using AI to take into account the specific constraints of your business in order to maximize your fleet capacity and efficiently meet customer expectations.

Dynamic Inventory: Raw Materials

Dynamic Inventory: Raw Materials uses demand forecasting and safety stock models to optimize inventory levels to meet target service levels. It determines the correct raw material inventory level to hold at a set point in time and recommends when to order more.


Purchasing uses demand forecasts and statistical models to ensure you buy at the right time and in the right quantity, in order to achieve target service levels as efficiently as possible.

Quote Pricing

Quote Pricing applies AI-powered models to a range of data – including list prices, customer, product and historic sales and quote data – to help you automate quotes to increase win rates while maximizing profitability.

Looking for something different?

Our core applications are listed above, however, we do have expertise in many other use cases. Contact us if you’re looking for something different.

  • Trust your forecast

    Improve forecasting with a higher degree of accuracy and confidence in your decision making.

  • Increase supply chain resilience

    Safety stock levels that balance service levels with reducing working capital.

  • Fully-informed decisions

    Unify your data from across the business to gain an end-to-end view of what’s going on.

  • Connected decision making

    Link together decision making across your entire operation with AI.

  • Improved sustainability

    Smarter forecasting and logistics means less wastage and a reduced carbon footprint, helping manufacturers move towards improving sustainability.

“Peak’s applications are enabling us to provide our customers with a much-improved experience. Thanks to the power of AI and data, customers are able to get the answers they need in terms of bid decisions and quotes quickly and efficiently, significantly speeding up our sales cycle.”

Andy Carney

Andy Carney, Enterprise Architect, Marshalls

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