Vehicle Routing

AI vehicle routing software

Leverage AI-driven vehicle routing software that understands your business to maximize fleet capacity and keep your customers happy

While everything’s going up, profits are going down

Customer expectations are miles ahead of what many businesses can fulfill. Meanwhile, fleet, fuel and staffing costs are all on the rise. While there are alternative vehicle routing solutions in the route planning software space, they can’t manage the complexity of specific business conditions or adapt to the unique demands of particular customers.

But how? Our Vehicle Routing optimization application is the answer.

Optimized to fit your business

Vehicle Routing applies AI models to job data, fleet data, staffing costs, inventory costs and business-specific constraints to plan optimized routes and maximize resource utilization across your fleet and staff.

Optimize routes and maximize resources

Gain visibility at all the costs involved in vehicle route planning, including staffing and inventory, to maximize your fleet capacity, meet SLAs, avert fines, and increase productivity.

  • Meet customer demand with fast, reliable delivery

  • Meet SLAs and avert fines

  • Minimize mileage and costs

  • Reduce carbon footprint

  • Save time and increase productivity

Under the hood

Vehicle Routing’s route planning software is built on the Peak platform. It uses AI models to optimize the allocation of jobs in a fleet to minimize mileage, fuel costs and late deliveries, custom-fitted to your business needs.

See our Vehicle Routing software in action