Quote Pricing

Rapid quotes that increase win rates and maximize profitability through dynamic pricing optimization.

Is poor data quality costing you money?

50% of UK businesses claimed that poor data quality and capture is hampering the ability to keep on top of market fluctuations.

Let us introduce you to the Quote Pricing application from Peak – rapid quotes that increase win rates and maximize profitability through dynamic pricing optimization.

UK organisations will lose out on £451,000 every year in lost productivity, as a result of supply chain disruption.


Global market reserach company

Responding to quote requests takes time – with 34% of businesses still relying on manual processes to manage price fluctuations.

Prospects want quick quotes, custom-fitted to their needs. But responding to requests for quotation (RFQ), can be messy, manual and time-consuming. That means you risk losing the business to competitors. Often you’ve got quotas to hit, so you discount price to close the deal. You need to give quick quotes at a price that wins new business, but protects profits.

Under the hood

Quote Pricing is built on Peak. It uses AI models to estimate sale conversion probability on a range of prices to recommend an opening and target price for each quote, helping you maximize profit margin and increase conversion rates.

Automate and optimize with Quote Pricing

The UK has potentially the most to gain from intelligent pricing. 34% of UK businesses approach pricing on an ad-hoc, case-by-case and manual basis – the highest across all markets surveyed

This is where Peak comes in. Quote Pricing is an application that uses AI models to ingest data across your business to automate the RFQ process and deliver optimized pricing that lands deals, without leaving money on the table.

Don’t just take our word for it

Win with superfast, optimal pricing

Speed up the sales process, increase conversion rates and maximize profit margins with automated quote pricing.

  • Increase win rates

  • Maximize revenue and profit margins

  • Reduce excessive discounting

  • Gain the competitive edge

How to get started with Decision Intelligence

In this ‘How to get started with Decision Intelligence’ guide, we outline the key steps your business needs to take in order to introduce AI into your decision making quickly and effectively, with a focus on delivering real results for your business.

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