Minimized costs, maximized service

Minimum stock levels, at the right location, fulfilled at the right time

4,000 daily AI-powered decisions
600 orders allocated to trucks daily
£297k daily order value prioritized by AI

Who are you?

Marshalls is the UK’s leading concrete and natural stone paving manufacturer, supplying new build housing contractors, major infrastructure projects and domestic home owners. Due to our market-leading size, 97% of Marshalls’ customers are within a two-hour drive of our distribution sites.

What was your challenge?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Marshalls went from a position of holding excess stock to a whole new world, where stock was dramatically reduced. Against this volatility, forecasting inventory levels and prioritizing order fulfillment was being managed manually.

We needed to get the limited stock into the right hands, at the right time, in order to deliver on our strategic goal of driving growth by offering the best possible customer experience.

What did Peak do?

Peak is helping Marshalls by providing highly accurate recommendations on the minimum levels of stock required across our distribution network. Peak’s platform forecasts demand for every product at each location, with AI-powered algorithms that factor in a multitude of data points including product popularity and seasonality. 

All of this happens overnight and automatically integrates into Marshalls’ existing ERP system. 

Our continuing investments in digital and operational efficiency programmes mean that we are now in the best possible position to benefit from future market growth.

Sion Harrison

Digital Director at Marshalls

What’s the upshot?

Peak is enabling Marshalls with AI-powered inventories. This helps us to produce only what we need, and know where we need it. Peak’s AI platform is now driving important decisions, such as “how much inventory should I produce?”, “what are the minimum levels stocks I should hold in each location to meet demand?” and “how should I prioritize order fulfillment?”

Peak’s platform is making 4,000 daily AI-powered decisions, helping Marshalls to allocate 600 orders to trucks every day. In terms of upshot, there’s a daily order value of £297,000 being prioritized by AI.

What’s next?

Allocation and order optimization are already working together in real time, but Marshalls is not stopping there in the digital transformation of our business.

As we explore future AI use cases with Peak in e-commerce, we’re getting closer to realizing the goal of connected AI – where previously siloed data is unified by AI and deployed across Marshalls’ operations to work in sync.

At Marshalls we are driven to become the UK’s leading manufacturer of sustainable products for the built environment. We plan to do this through digital transformation, operational and logistics excellence and by putting our customers’ needs at the heart of our business. Peak is helping us to achieve that goal in all of these areas.

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