• Dock Overview

Create your AI-ready data set.

Dock provides the tools to allow data practitioners to access, integrate and transform all the data they need without being slowed by technical hurdles. Dozens of data connectors can bring all your data to Peak, and for those with existing data lakes and data warehousing capabilities, Peak’s Data Bridge can leverage your existing data investments without the need to rip and replace.

  • Factory Overview

Build your own AI, and orchestrate a layer of intelligence across your business.

Factory is a data science platform with familiar tools and development environments for data scientists and analysts to get started quickly, with scaleable cloud infrastructure for any workload.

  • Work Overview

Where business and data teams come to achieve great outcomes with AI.

Work bridges the gap between data science and business users. It is the interface that bridges AI to human action and brings the intelligence of your AI models to where your users are most comfortable.

  • Library Overview

The home of AI applications.

Explore and deploy our range of configurable AI applications, aligned to the critical use cases for your industry. With Library, you can deploy applications, connectors, workflows, APIs and Web Applications at the click of a button.