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Create your AI-ready data set

Dock lets you integrate, prepare, clean, de-duplicate, transform, catalogue and organize your data. It’s a data warehouse specifically designed to make AI not just possible, but easy.



Secure and scalable cloud-based storage enables you to use data in any format, and easily transform it to be model-ready.



Unify siloed data and create a singular source of truth that you can trust and use for multiple applications.



Speed up data science with a central place for data, ready for data scientists to work with.



Forget your ticket system, getting data into Peak is a breeze using our data connectors and data bridge.

Everything starts with data

To get the best results with Decision Intelligence you need to begin with clean, easy to use data.

With Dock, we’ve made it straightforward for data scientists to autonomously get all the data they need in one place and ready to build intelligence and drive decision making.

The first step in getting value from your data

With Dock you can create and grow your company's centralised AI-ready data set, without the usual engineering requirements.

Data access

Data scientists can independently ingest and access data from both internal and external sources. With this you can overcome data silos and combine many data sources in different formats on one platform.

Data bridge and data connectors

Peak empowers you to connect to S3, Snowflake and a multitude of other data sources to rapidly integrate your data into Peak without any technological support needed.

Data transform & explore

Clean, de-duplicate and enrich large data sets, while working in a language that suits you. Organise your data in a structured format, giving you one accurate source of truth you can trust and easily work with. Query and validate data. Model it, discover patterns and reveal valuable insight.

Take your first step towards Decision Intelligence

Peak can help you transform your business decision making and embrace the era of AI

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Dock forms one part of a single, end-to-outcome Decision Intelligence platform

Creating AI ready data is only the first step. Peak takes your all the way to outcomes.


Where data is enriched with predictive models, creating your very own AI.


Intelligence is nothing if it can't be used. Work is where AI-driven decisions happen.