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Date: 25 March 2021

Watch Peak introduce the new category of Decision Intelligence and discover how it can change the way businesses use their data to make decision and drive growth.

We lifted the lid on how Decision Intelligence enables you to make great commercial decisions that drive increased revenues and profits, powered by data and AI.

Watch the event on demand and you’ll also have the chance to get under the hood of our Connected Decision Intelligence platform, Peak, as we demonstrate how our cutting-edge tech is delivering tangible outcomes, every day, for some of the world’s biggest retail, CPG and manufacturing businesses.

You’ll also hear from Charles Veys, Managing Director at Peak customer FOTENIX – an ability provider, enabling smart operation of agricultural machinery. He talks through the ways his business is using Peak to optimize its decision making.

What's included?

- ​​​​Discover the benefits of Decision Intelligence for your business ​​​​​

- ​​​​​Learn more about AI-powered decision making

- Get to know Peak and how it works, with real-life examples

The Speakers

Charles Veys

Managing Director, FOTENIX

Holly Clarke

Product Manager, Peak

Tom New

Head of Product Marketing, Peak

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