Decision Intelligence: the real new normal

This guide explores the growing use of algorithms and smart technology in business decision making.

It looks back at the work of Daniel Kahneman, a psychologist who won the Nobel Prize in Economics back in 2002.

Kahneman’s work was focused on a human’s ability to make decisions. He spotted a need for organizations to augment human judgment with “disciplined thinking,” through the use of algorithms.

Two decades on, we explore how AI technology and data science expertise is helping businesses across sectors to revolutionize their decision making, grow their businesses, and improve their bottom lines.

  • Discover the benefits of AI-driven decision making
  • Learn how the proliferation of data is a game-changer for decision makers
  • Find out which companies are doing it well – and how they do it!
  • View stats from our C-suite survey on the challenges of decision making

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