Ensemble | MLOps at Peak and MoneySuperMarket

Date: 16 November 2023

Time: 17:30 GMT

Location: Manchester or online (View Map)

In this Ensemble, we welcomed Darren Price, Lead Data Scientist at MoneySuperMarket, who shared insight into a fascinating new approach to MLOps currently being utilized by the leading insurance provider.

Catch up online to discover day-to-day practices of this approach and its impact on the business so far. You’ll also hear about MLOps at Peak. Mark Douthwaite, Lead Product Manager, provides an intro to MLOps on the Peak platform, including giving an overview of the Peak SDK and the Peak app framework (Press).

Then, Tom Grundy, Data Scientist, discussed how Peak data scientists utilize the Peak SDK to develop and deploy customer solutions. Tom demonstrates how the Peak SDK streamlines our process and speeds up feature releases, all while minimizing the potential for human error.

About the guest speaker

“I am a Data Scientist with a background as a Neuroscientist working in human brain imaging. After working as a postdoc for a few years, I decided to get a proper job and become a Data Scientist. I had the pleasure of working at Peak for three years before taking up my current position as Lead Data Scientist at MoneySuperMarket.com. My main role here is technical lead for the data science team, building our MLOps infrastructure. I also lead several active research projects across different functions of the business, and work as part of an R&D team building next generation AI applications for MSM.”

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