Adopt and Adapt: The Secret to AI Adoption

Date: 20 September 2023

Location: Online

Interested in artificial intelligence (AI)? You're not alone. AI offers everything businesses want: greater efficiency, better profit margins and higher customer satisfaction. But getting results from AI means nailing adoption and change management, two notoriously tricky tasks. The question is how? Watch this webinar to find the answer.

Change can be daunting. It asks us to step outside our worlds and take a leap of faith to try something new. That leap can feel particularly large when it comes to AI. Whether it’s fear of job losses, a mistrust of AI models or old school apathy, adopting AI can feel like a herculean undertaking.

We’re Peak, a leading AI company operating in the UK, US and India. We’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest brands to embed AI. Armed with insights from our upcoming report with Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr), we’re revealing the secret to AI adoption.

We’re joined by Peak’s strategic partner and FTSE-listed company Speedy, who are already seeing game-changing results using AI for inventory. Together, we share insights on how to successfully land AI adoption.

Attendees will walk away with practical insights into AI user adoption, as well as ready-to-use frameworks and a first look at our new ebook, The Ultimate Guide to AI Adoption.

Watch this webinar to…

  • Learn the most common challenges to AI adoption and how to overcome them
  • Hear from a company who’s already leading on AI adoption
  • Get a first look at Peak’s Ultimate Guide to AI Adoption

The Speakers

Richard Potter

CEO & Co-founder, Peak

Mark Sunderland

Chief Information Officer, Speedy

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