Peak launches Snowflake data warehouse connector

By Christine Babington Smith on August 27, 2021

Peak are proud to announce the launch of Data Bridge for Snowflake, allowing you to accelerate the value from your data warehouse without moving or duplicating your data.

‘Big Data’ entered the Oxford English Dictionary in 2013, at around the same time a Silicon Valley company called Snowflake began life with a mission to revolutionize how we store and manage data.

Fast forward seven years and Snowflake became the biggest ever software IPO, raising $3.4bn in 2020, with more than 4,500 customers globally.

Snowflake’s platform enables organizations to easily unify, integrate, analyze and share their data within the Data Cloud. Its success is down to its capability to offer automatic and infinite scalability, and increased productivity. You can now do in minutes, what once took hours on-premise.

Another differentiator from the monolithic tech giants is Snowflake’s unlimited elastic properties – the ability to scale up or down your data storage and payment model. Snowflake’s per-second compute pricing helps democratize data storage, so companies big and small can do great things and become data-driven.

This is something that we at Peak love, as we think that all companies should have the opportunity to win in the AI era – not just the big tech companies like Netflix, Google and Facebook. So, we’re really excited to announce that our new platform feature, Data Bridge, now connects directly with Snowflake.

peak codi snowflake data warehouse connector

Snowflake and Peak: accelerate value from your data!

Peak’s Data Bridge now supports Snowflake, as well as Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift. This means you can accelerate value from your Snowflake account by unleashing the power of Peak’s platform, without losing control of your data.

Peak enriches your data with Decision Intelligence, the commercial application of AI, and then applies the power of Peak’s AI solutions to generate sales, predict demand and manage supply chain processes. Peak enables you to integrate siloed data and build AI and machine learning models in rapid time, supercharging your business decisions to become a data-driven organization.

Data Bridge ensures your data is secure, as data is stored in your own infrastructure with no need to duplicate it outside your walls. It allows Peak to drive Decision Intelligence outcomes for your business, with you retaining complete, secure control over your data.

The Snowflake Data Bridge is a vital step in starting to become Decision Intelligence driven, and tie back tangible business outcomes from your data lake investment to drive profit and growth.

The link between your Snowflake account, Peak's AWS account and your AWS account

“We’re hugely excited to bring direct Snowflake connectivity into the Peak platform. With the advanced Data Warehousing technologies offered by Snowflake now available for Data Scientists creating Decision Intelligence solutions on our platform, we can connect more of your data to more of your decisions.”

Chris Billingham

Lead Product Manager, Peak

Connecting to Snowflake is all part of our mission to democratize Decision Intelligence so that it’s accessible for all. Businesses on an AI journey get a winning combination of Snowflake and Peak’s technology, as well as Peak’s industry expertise and data science support. It opens up the opportunity to supercharge your short-term gains while building your transformational in-house capabilities.  

Like the sound of this?

If you’re interested in how Peak can help you get more from Snowflake and speed up your digital transformation projects, drop us a line.

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