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AI systems for business: 5 key benefits

By Jon Taylor on June 24, 2020

We're entering the artificial intelligence (AI) era, and this era presents an unmissable opportunity for organizations to rapidly create immense value by augmenting their processes with AI.

This, of course, is easier said than done, and businesses have a number of challenges to navigate if they’re to make a success of becoming AI-driven. For starters, for the vast majority of companies, data is siloed, difficult to access and scattered across multiple legacy systems. This, coupled with the fact that there’s no common platform to build and train models, and that the path to AI production is extremely complex, are big reasons why 85% of data and AI projects fail.

AI systems for business: a new type of business system

Peak’s AI system, CODI, is the operating system built for the AI era. It enables you to rapidly productionize AI applications and harness the true potential of your data thanks to its unique full-stack feature-set and architecture. It empowers data science and data engineering teams to take full control of every aspect of building and deploying AI solutions at pace and at scale. This eliminates complexity, allowing all teams to centralize around one tech platform while giving them the flexibility to bring data from anywhere and code in any language. On CODI, AI projects move beyond experiments and become fully deployed solutions that rapidly deliver real world outcomes. Built on enterprise-grade infrastructure, CODI is capable of handling data at scale and seamlessly integrates into existing tech stacks.

Here, we’ve pulled together a list of five key benefits of AI systems for business, and looked at the ways the Peak platform can enable organizations to do great things with data.

Rapid access to data, minimal effort

Connect to a vast array of data sources, including all major data warehouses and SaaS applications. CODI gives you full control over the cadence of data ingestion and retrieval, with support for both batch and streaming methods. It also allows businesses to build and run data pipelines to support common use cases such as ‘truncate and reload’ and ‘incremental data load.’

Utilize data in any format, easily transform it to be model-ready

CODI offers secure and scalable data storage, highly optimized for performance with a choice of Redshift or Spark for processing. It supports multiple data formats, including SQL, NOSQL, JSON and many more. Its in-built SQL Explorer can query and transform data into modular building blocks that can be sequenced as part of the AI workflow.

Gives data scientists the tools they need…

…and allows them to train and configure sophisticated models using preferred methods and best practices. It offers in-built workspaces for Jupyter Hub and RStudio, that can be configured in one click, to different GPU and CPU needs, removing any MLOps requirement for the user. CODI supports collaboration between data scientists working on the same model, and provides access to an array of frameworks and in-built model templates, as well as enabling connections to external code through Github.

Deploy robust, high performance AI pipelines with ease

CODI offers an intuitive visual interface for orchestrating all the building blocks of a solution into an end-to-end AI pipeline. It enables experiment tracking and scalable clusters that are optimized for high performance, and includes a suite of services to manage performance and traceability to ensure a robust workflow.

Access and consume outputs in a format that suits your needs

The system enables you to deploy AI models as scalable, on-demand REST APIs with a single click. With data extracts always exported to a secure location, CODI allows you to easily visualize outputs using the in-built custom app framework.

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