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Dynamic Inventory: Finished Goods

Right product, place and time

Dynamic Inventory: Finished Goods puts AI to work on your inventory, order, product, location, and historical sales data. It helps you boost your demand forecast accuracy to deliver the optimal level of inventory across your network.

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Order Allocation

Allocate the job to AI

Order Allocation uses AI to unify your ​​order book, inventory and logistics data. From there, it tells you the optimal allocation of available stock vs customer orders.

Say hello to customer satisfaction while waving goodbye to late deliveries, returns, and missed sales.

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The AI opportunity.

Rapidly-evolving consumer expectations and tastes are making it difficult for brands to respond to production, promotion and demand effectively. Consistently ensuring product availability for consumers is difficult when you’re reliant on static spreadsheets, legacy systems, inaccurate forecasts and incomplete data.

Peak brings all your data together to make great decisions in inventory planning and distribution and enhances direct-to-consumer channels with improved engagement and acquisition.

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Demand Intelligence

An introduction to AI demand forecasting

By Jon Taylor on December 15, 2021
Demand Intelligence

Introducing Demand Intelligence

Blend creativity with science to super-charge your merchandising, buying, and planning processes.

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