Learn how PrettyLittleThing and Superdry prepare for Black Friday

How to win the Black Friday Battle

Date: 3 September 2020

As retailers continue to try and steady the ship after the turbulence of the pandemic, trading periods like Black Friday are now more crucial than ever.

The pressure is on, and retail businesses need to ensure that they’re maximizing their margins and powering profitability. On Black Friday, the key to doing this is by delivering an exceptional consumer experience across the entire value chain, from order through to delivery.

We gathered a handful of industry experts to discuss how retailers such as PrettyLittleThingSuperdry and Footasylum prepare for the most important day in the retail calendar.

Watch on demand as they answer questions from other retailers and discuss their own Black Friday straegies.

The Speakers

Matt Holmes

Head of Digital Marketing, PrettyLittleThing

Scott Robertson

Founder, Sqwyz. Ex-Head of Merchandising, Superdry

Tom Summerfield

Customer Development Director, Peak

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