Why we just guaranteed our AI performance

By Richard Potter on May 22, 2024

Have you heard about artificial intelligence recently? Silly question, AI is everywhere.

It’s more prevalent in today’s society than perhaps any other technology has been before. From films, shopping, social media and personal assistants like ChatGPT, it’s already ingrained into our daily lives at work and at home.

AI is changing, and will continue to change, the way the world works. In the world of business, every boardroom is asking themselves how they can leverage the technology, and fast. As AI edges out of the early adoption phase and into the early majority phase, the pressure to act is like a bubbling pot about to boil over. Leaders know the cost of inaction will be enormous and don’t want – or can’t afford – to be left behind.

From this, a high-risk, high-reward environment has come to fruition. One small action, one small AI project, can have a huge impact on business results. But at a time where businesses are struggling to survive, the cost of getting it wrong can be catastrophic.

What’s holding businesses back?

Firstly, it’s not all bad. Attitudes have changed for the better over the last decade. There’s less fear of the cloud, improved data infrastructure and business systems, and a desire to transform with technology. 

Yet, despite knowing AI can help, business leaders are still held back. Some have seen new technology integration fail before and can’t afford to make the same mistake twice. Others don’t want to rip and replace systems or spend months or years going through a digital transformation. Perhaps there’s too much capital tied up in stock, and not enough money to invest. Or attitudes to AI amongst team members is worrying. After all, what’s the point in adopting a technology that the team doesn’t want to use? 

Put like this it’s easy to empathize with business leaders but there has to be an alternative to maintaining the status quo.

Despite knowing AI can help, business leaders are still held back. Some have seen new technology integration fail before and can’t afford to make the same mistake twice.

Richard Potter

CEO and co-founder, Peak

AI can work for you, too

From hundreds of conversations over the past decade with business leaders across industry, we know there’s a lack of confidence when it comes to taking a leap with AI.

Everywhere you look, big businesses are sharing their success stories. It’s really good to see the positive value AI can drive but if you don’t have the resources or skills, it can be hard to imagine yourself in the same position.

This is why we built Peak. We’re proud to count some of the most famous brands in the world as our customers, as well as businesses that you might not typically imagine using AI. Businesses that supply tradespeople with tools, keep supermarket shelves stocked and manufacture parts for national infrastructure.

These businesses are using AI to make great inventory decisions, continuously and instantly, that used to take hours, days or even weeks. Decisions that are increasing product availability whilst reducing inventory costs and optimizing prices, resulting in margin increases into the millions.

We’ve been in the AI game for nearly a decade and the sophistication and reliability of our products is ever increasing. Every day, over 100 million AI-powered decisions are made with Peak and we see a 96% average adoption rate of Peak’s AI recommendations within our customers’ business. We know we can drive value for you and your teams, too.

The proof is in the pudding

We’ve seen the results, we know it works. So we’ve decided to shake things up in the AI industry for the better. Gone are the days of wondering whether your investment will be worth it — Peak now guarantees the performance of our Inventory Intelligence AI applications.

Inventory Intelligence is used by businesses including Speedy Hire, Marshalls and Eurocell to forecast, order and balance optimal stock levels across their supply chain network.

With the Peak performance guarantee, we promise that overall availability for your products will not fall below an agreed rate during the guarantee period. If your availability falls below that rate, we’ll refund the price of the product you’ve bought from us.

As the well known quote goes, “there’s nothing more expensive than a missed opportunity”, and in this case, it couldn’t be any truer.

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