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Peak boosts business productivity with general release of agentic AI assistant, Co:Driver

By Peak on July 11, 2024

Artificial intelligence company Peak today announced the general availability of Co:Driver, its agentic AI assistant.

Co:Driver combines the power of large language models (LLMs) with each business’ unique data and the outputs generated from their existing Peak predictive AI products to unlock productivity across a business.

Peak is used by global industry leaders, including Nike, Molson Coors, Marshalls and Eurocell. Its AI products optimize inventories and pricing using predictive AI methods, such as machine learning algorithms and statistical models, to forecast trends, patterns and predictions from each business’ unique data set. Co:Driver applies an LLM-powered assistive interface to a business’ predictive AI outputs to speed up decision making, highlight opportunities and automate routine tasks.

AI agents achieve human-set goals by interacting with their environment to collect data, which is then used to perform pre-determined tasks. Using rational decision making, AI agents independently choose the best actions to perform to achieve optimal performance. Co:Driver uses such agentic workflows to continually surface business-specific, actionable recommendations and allows users to interrogate their business data, analyze and better understand their AI using natural language question-answer capabilities.

AI in a business setting must deliver a competitive advantage, delivering value in the form of both performance and productivity gains. Co:Driver gives much needed context to the power of generative AI. It’s the perfect companion for business teams to drive optimal performance on repetitive tasks while freeing up time to spend on creative, strategic or mission-critical activities. Co:Driver empowers every business to achieve superhuman results.

Richard Potter

CEO & co-founder at Peak

Co:Driver has three core functionalities centered on product support, data exploration and explainability of AI-generated outputs.

Facilitating AI upskilling

Users can ask Co:Driver questions in natural language about how to use Peak’s AI platform. As Co:Driver has been trained on Peak’s user guides and onboarding documents, users will receive specific instructions on how to carry out the requested task. With this conversational in-platform user support, Co:Driver users receive an enhanced user experience and are supported in their development of AI skills.

Increasing AI-driven decision making

Co:Driver empowers users to ask questions of their data to surface insights that would previously take hours of manual interpretation or be missed entirely. For example, ‘what’s the average lead time on SKU567?’ or ‘what are my top 10 understocked SKUs in Germany?’. With this capability, businesses can understand their critical areas of focus, enabling them to make decisions that will move the needle on their business objectives.

The next release of Co:Driver will further enhance decision-making by continuously searching for information, efficiencies and anomalies of potential interest to the user, which are surfaced as bite-sized recommendations, with the user then able to choose their preferred next step from a number of AI-generated actions. 

Enhancing explainability and trust

In Co:Driver’s conversational interface, users can ask questions to more clearly understand why a prediction has been made, such as ‘why is SKU9174 priced at $1.50 per unit?’. Co:Driver then provides the user with an explanation detailing the calculations or parameters that have led to the prediction. 

Helping team members to understand and trust the results of AI should be a priority for business leaders as it naturally supports adoption of AI, in turn resulting in a virtuous cycle, where teams make more AI-powered decisions, see the positive outcomes that come from them and free up time to focus on strategic or creative tasks.


Following a period of extensive testing with our customers, the release of Co:Driver into general availability marks an important milestone in Peak’s product development. We continue to invest across our product suite to bring our customers cutting-edge AI solutions and have recently made key upgrades to both our Pricing AI and Inventory AI products.

David Bowen

VP Product at Peak

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