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This month at Peak: February 2021

By Jon Taylor on February 26, 2021

This month we announced Decision Intelligence and our Series B funding to the world!

It took a huge effort from the entire business to make this happen, and to mark the occasion, we celebrated with our very own Decision Intelligence Festival – featuring inspirational guest speakers, Peak Radio, fun and games and some super special edition Peak merch! It was the perfect way to cap off a momentous month for the business.

We’ve pulled together this blog to give you a quick overview of what we’ve been up to – check out some new content, catch up on some news and learn more about Decision Intelligence…

What’s new at Peak?

? We announced our Series B! This is a $21 million funding round, led by Oxx, with Praetura Ventures, MMC Ventures and Arete also participating. Take a look at the press release here.

? Be sure to check out this blog, written by our CEO and co-founder Richard Potter, to learn more about what we’ve got planned for that lovely new funding ?. Read the blog here.

? To celebrate the arrival of our Decision Intelligence software category, we had this video made! ?

⬡ Richard Potter also outlined Peak’s vision for Decision Intelligence, and our belief that its arrival into the market marks a significant change in the world of businesses. Read the blog here.

❓ Peak’s Head of Product Marketing, Tom New, answered the all-important question – “what is Decision Intelligence?” With some practical examples, it’s a must-read if you’re keen to learn more. Check it out here.

? We outline some best practices and top tips for getting started with Decision Intelligence. Read the blog here.

? Over in the world of retail, our Retail Director Tom Summerfield explained why the sector’s outlook remains bullish in 2021, despite one or two negative stories dominating the headlines this month. Read his thoughts here.

? We announced that Peak has achieved ISO 27001 certification, reaffirming our commitment to keep our customers’ data safe and secure. Find out more here.

? We welcomed three new faces to the Peak team in February; Jamie Halliday, Alex D’Cruz and Jenn McGachie. Welcome aboard! Our Series B will go towards creating 130 new roles at Peak in the coming months, so if you fancy joining them, you should take a look at our opportunities.

Events updates

? Peak Ensemble will be back with a bang in March! You can sign up to attend the free webinar, featuring a talk from the University of Manchester’s Richard Allmendinger, by grabbing a virtual ticket here.

? Masters of AI will be back on a screen near you on Thursday 25 March. We’re exploring all things Decision Intelligence, so make sure you sign up.

Partner news

? Amazon Web Services (AWS) played a vital role in helping NASA bring its incredible footage of the Perseverance Rover’s successful landing on Mars to millions of people around the world! How cool is that? You can learn more and watch the video here.

? Our Partnership Manager, Elliot Newsham, chatted with AWS’s Executive Visioning Lead EMEA, Mike Bainbridge. You can watch the webinar, covering ‘differentiation through innovation,’ on-demand here.

? A big thanks to TechNation and AWS, who were kind enough to include us on this list of AI companies that are changing the game within construction and manufacturing.

? Finally, a huge thank you to AWS’s David Ahuja, Head of Worldwide Business Development (CPG), who was a special guest speaker at our Decision Intelligence Festival. You rock, David ?

Customer news

? Our customer AO launched an amazing new initiative to help tackle food waste alongside charity Cheshire Food Hub. You can learn more here.

PepsiCo reported a bigger than anticipated rise in revenues in the last three months of 2020. Read the story here.

? A huge month for ASOS and boohoo Group, who both completed the acquisition of some well-known Arcadia Group brands. Learn more here.

?‍♂️ Speedy made an initial £1.5 million investment to launch a new hoisting division. Discover more here.

CMOStores.com continued its rapid growth with the acquisition of Total Tiles. Read the story.

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