Peak launches new generative AI product, Co:Driver, powered by Google Cloud and its PaLM 2 Model

By Peak on October 11, 2023

Today Peak has launched its new generative AI product, Co:Driver.

Powered by Google Cloud’s Vertex AI and its PaLM 2 large language model (LLM), Co:Driver provides users with natural language question-answer capabilities and surfaces proactive recommendations tailored to their business’ unique context.

Peak’s AI platform is used by global industry leaders, including Nike, Molson Coors, Marshalls and Eurocell. The platform features a library of pre-built AI applications, which use machine learning and statistical algorithms to forecast trends, patterns and predictions from each user’s unique data set. Peak’s AI applications allow users to rapidly apply AI to optimize their inventories, pricing and customer personalization.

Using outputs from a user’s existing AI applications on the Peak platform, the new generative AI product allows users to ask questions about their business in natural language, such as how much stock there is in a certain location or which products are the best performers. Co:Driver continuously searches for information, efficiencies and anomalies of potential interest to the user, which is surfaced as bite-sized recommendations, with the user then able to choose their preferred next step from a number of AI-generated actions.

Peak's new Co:Driver capability

The combination of Peak’s AI applications and a fine-tuned LLM will help redefine the use of generative AI in business. Up to now, the typical commercial use case for generative AI has been rapid content generation, whether that be code or customer communications. Co:Driver goes beyond this, providing business teams with an interactive layer between them and their data, speeding up manual interpretation of data outputs, and highlighting critical areas of focus.

For businesses, knowledge is power. Imagine logging on to your computer and seeing a list of recommended actions that are going to maximize your efficiency and help you hit your targets. With Co:Driver, the days of trawling through mounds of data, only for your analysis to be out of date, are gone. Businesses can finally focus on the decisions that are going to move the needle and we’re thrilled to be bringing this new capability to our customers.

Richard Potter

CEO and co-founder at Peak

Businesses have a tremendous opportunity to apply generative AI to many use cases, like better exploring data through natural language interactions. Through this partnership, Google Cloud’s Vertex AI will underpin Peak’s new Co:Driver product, bringing the power of Google’s models to more users globally and helping businesses create more value from their data.

Bron Hastings

VP, Partnerships at Google Cloud

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Co:Driver will be available in private preview in early 2024. Register your interest to learn more.

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