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Decision Intelligence for marketing: how it makes you superhuman!

By Manjit Curtis on May 18, 2021

When it comes to discussing the benefits of introducing Decision Intelligence into a business, the proof is very much in the pudding.

It’s all well and good talking the talk, but to really demonstrate the impact that this exciting new category of software is having on businesses, it’s always great to hear examples of how enterprise organizations are using it effectively and practically in their day-to-day.

To shine a light on some of the real-life applications of Decision Intelligence, I recently sat down with a senior marketer, who is using Decision Intelligence in their role as the lead CRM in a UK-based, multi-channel, high-fashion retailer. (Unfortunately, their identity has to remain a secret for now – sorry!)

Here are some of the most interesting take outs from the Q&A, that highlight the key benefits of Decision Intelligence and how it enables them, the rest of the marketing team, and the business to win!

How does Decision Intelligence help you be awesome in your role as a marketer?

“In the past, I would spend hours pulling together data, with multiple ad-hoc requests into the insight and Business Intelligence (BI) teams – sorry guys! Often that meant going back and forth to look at things differently, changing dates, etc. Even then, the data was constantly challenged by the senior team and we’d go away, revise the numbers, or try and pull together data sets to create and answer those really important questions we get asked in marketing all the time.

“With Decision Intelligence, I’m only ‘three clicks away’ from having a clear view of customers, such as, ‘are they in-market for a product category or a specific brand?’ It really is that simple.

We can see, in three clicks, how many customers are in-market and ready to buy, or if there's been a big shift in a certain category week-on-week. That's a massive, easy, accessible thing for us to do.

Not only is it quicker for me and my team, but the BI and insight teams also love it, as they can focus on their day jobs without multiple requests from me! 

What’s the single biggest benefit of Decision Intelligence?

The best bit – nobody questions me about the quality of the data or the sources of the data, as they know it’s coming from a single point of truth, and that the platform is pulling together data from across the business and across multiple data sources.  That is a huge time saving across the business, which no-one really considers when they start on their AI journey!

How does Decision Intelligence support you and the rest of the marketing team?

In the past, I’d spend most of my day deep diving into detail with the rest of the team.  With Decision Intelligence, I can focus on working across the business to drive the insights, whilst the team can focus on creating the best campaigns to drive revenue and profit.

My marketing assistant now tells me how many people have shifted to be in-market this week, or tells me how many people are now ready to buy in Nottingham – they focus on that and I get to focus on other business priorities.

“For example, if we know we have 5,000 customers who are in-market for a hoodie – that’s cool – we can make that happen today. We can target those 5,000 customers with the perfect hoodie. Not only do we win by achieving ‘phenomenal’ social acquisition numbers, but knowing we’re reaching the customer at the right time, with the right product is the best part.”

Outside of marketing, what impact does Decision Intelligence have on other teams from across your business?

It really helps us to work more closely with the merchandising team – if we know customers are looking at coats and jackets in the summer months, we can share the style, the key brands and colors that customers love. As teams, we’ve all got much more of our data heads on, we’re letting the data lead us, and we’re working together to deliver the results.

It's pretty much right, well, we've seen this trend, let's change it – there's an immediate win off the back of that for all the teams across marketing and merchandise.

Like any other marketer, we also have to do lots of reporting to the executive team. With Decision Intelligence, I use the charts within Peak’s platform and spend my time on the story. That is HUGELY time saving.”

If you could sum up your Decision Intelligence journey to date…

I’m now two-and-a-half years into my Decision Intelligence journey – has it made the team’s life easier?  Absolutely. Can the team focus on the creative and commercial execution rather than going through so much data? Absolutely. Has it helped the business to make even more data-driven decisions? Definitely!

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