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Introducing Decision Intelligence

Applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to commercial decision making, Decision Intelligence is a new way of thinking about AI for business.

It turns the traditional approach to data and AI projects on its head. Instead of starting with the data and working out what outcome can be achieved, Decision Intelligence starts with a commercial objective and works back to deliver an outcome that needs to be achieved.

The transformative power of AI should be for everyone.

The journey to embrace Artificial Intelligence is different for every company, but we're here for it, here for you. Because on this journey, great awaits us all.

Do more with Decision Intelligence


Put your data to work

Decision Intelligence isn’t limited to one team or function. It sits across an entire organization, centralizing data from every department.


Optimize every team

Drawing on the best of both data science and commercial teams, Decision Intelligence empowers technical teams to make a real difference to their business.


Build for results

Its outcome focus means Decision Intelligence is designed to deliver value to your business, not just expensive data science projects that never make it into production.

Getting started with Decision Intelligence

Peak can offer value to businesses regardless of where they are on their AI journey.

New to AI? Peak can start to consolidate your data, making it AI ready and giving you insight into trends and patterns

Looking to accelerate AI adoption? Peak’s suite of Decision Intelligence applications can be quickly adopted to solve challenges across business functions within a range of industries.

Decision Intelligence from Peak always focuses on outcomes, meaning you’ll see fast time-to-value and returns on your investment.

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