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Data Science at Peak

Develop practical and innovative solutions to help our customers make better business decisions.

Being a Data Scientist at Peak places you right at the heart of the company

In an age when becoming AI and data-driven is one of the most important things businesses must do, it can also be one of the most challenging. Being a Data Scientist at Peak places you right at the heart of the company and at the forefront of developing practical and innovative AI-driven solutions to help our customers grow and become more efficient.
Our data science team shape our products and drive growth by transforming how our customers operate. Interfacing with diverse people and situations – from academic experts to being onsite with our customers.
The Peak platform sits at the heart of our customer’s businesses, enabling the rapid unification, modelling and – most importantly – use of data,

Our Data Science Specialisms

What does it mean to be a Data Scientist at Peak?

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Data Science Fellowship Scheme

The Peak fellowship programme offers a great opportunity for those coming from an academic background to get a career in data science. We’re looking for people with a PhD and possibly postdoctoral experience who are enthusiastic to learn more about data science. This fellowship lasts 4 months or 6 months, subject to candidate preference and availability. It is offered as a fixed-term contract, allowing you to explore the role of a data scientist and decide whether it’s right for you. We’re particularly interested in those who have experience with problem solving and using a range of technical skills throughout their research. During the fellowship, you’ll get exposure to data science and how we deliver value for our customers. You’ll work as part of our data science team, who shape our products and drive growth by transforming how our customers operate. You’ll get to learn the commercial side of data science through engagement with customers, and you’ll get to apply your technical skills to a variety of business problems.

Data Science Graduate Scheme

You’ll work within the Data Science team, spending dedicated time focussing on Insight and Analytics, Research and Development, and Customer Operations. Interfacing with diverse people and situations, and working with some of the biggest brands in the world – this opportunity will develop a solid foundation for starting a Data Science career. Furthermore, there will be opportunities for high performing graduates to remain at the company after the scheme ends.

Alongside on-the-job experience, you will have the opportunity to take part in structured training sessions and work together on a group project.

We’re looking for high achieving graduates of numerical degrees. These could be computational Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Data Science, or other fields like Computer Science and Psychology. You must be enthusiastic about data, curious about new ways to explore, model, and visualize data, and have the ability to communicate your understanding and findings clearly.

Data science at Peak

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Peak's Decision Intelligence Community

The Peak community exists to support data scientists and analysts who want to make a difference and drive change within their organizations. Learn how to build models that deliver on commercial needs, troubleshoot problems and exchange ideas with data scientists from a range of backgrounds.
If you are wrestling to tie your work to the real-world, this is the place for you. If you are incredible at deploying applications that deliver commercial outcomes, share your skills. Whether you are an experienced or an aspiring DS, you have a vital role to play in our community.

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