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Spreadsheet in-cell style error messages

It's time to break free of cells.

Save yourself time and stress with AI-powered SKU-level forecasting

An error pop-up window in a spreadsheet

Rows. Columns. Errors. Time.

Spreadsheets are deeply ingrained in retail planning and merchandising, but they have their limitations.

With product data siloed across systems, teams struggle to take data-driven action on thousands of products in a timely manner — spending hours upon hours combing through rows and columns while trying to avoid those dreaded Excel error messages.

With Products, Peak’s AI-powered application, there is another way…

A view of the Products application on Peak

Goodbye spreadsheets, hello Products

AI-powered SKU-level forecasting

Products provides the information that you need to make product decisions quickly and efficiently, giving planners and merchandisers a single source of truth they can trust.

Automated data feeds mean you can spend fewer days with your head stuck in Excel, while custom flagging capabilities allow you to focus on the lines which need your immediate attention — so you never miss an opportunity or risk again.

Watch the demo the learn more.

Why is Products a game-changer?

  • A complete view of every product, in one place

  • AI-powered, SKU-level forecasting

  • No more spreadsheet errors

  • Increase team productivity and creativity

  • View KPIs across all your product lines

Ready to break free of cells?

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