For merchandising teams who want a single source of truth on product performance

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Siloed data? It's slowing you down

Often inventory, sales and supplier order data are housed in different systems, making it hard to take data-driven action on thousands of products in a timely manner. You want to spend less time buried in spreadsheets and manual processes. The Products application is here to help.

Make swift product decisions

Products is a central hub with all the information you need to make punchier product decisions, with the option to layer in promotion, markdown, rebuy or reallocate decisions.

It combines siloed data, surfaces key information and performance metrics about your current trade, helping you review masses of lines effortlessly.

Gaze into the future, with AI predictions of sales velocity and stock levels using weekly, product-level demand forecasts. Let the Products application automate time-consuming activities, as it flags bestsellers, stockouts and heavy stock so you can focus on large product ranges.

Drive value from your data

The Products application gives you a view of the most important KPIs across all your product lines, meaning your team can make informed decisions to avoid stockouts, increase sell-through and optimize return on capital.

  • Avoid stockouts

  • Optimize return on capital

  • Make decisions across thousands of products

  • Increase team productivity

  • Increase sell-through

Under the hood

Products is built on Peak. It combines data from across your company, aligning all your teams to the same source of insights on performance for every product in your business. That means all your teams can make decisions based on the same data, calculated in the same way.

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