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Be less robotic with AI.

AI holds the key to truly understanding your audience, enabling personalized communications, recommendations and experiences at scale.

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Customer expectations are higher than ever.

The only way to deliver true personalization is by knowing your customers on an individual level, establishing that all-important human connection. The products they love, the colors they want, the channels they browse via and the medium they engage the most with.

To do this, you need game-changing customer segmentation — not bound by traditional constraints, leveraging data from across your business to paint a clearer picture of every single customer. We call this Headless Segmentation

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Headless segmentation: a new approach to marketing

Headless segmentation is segmentation that isn’t bound to a specific channel, system or silo. Powered by AI, it provides segments based on data from multiple sources — for example, data warehouses and management platforms, customer data platforms, CRMs and social media platforms, to name just a few.

By knowing what your customers want, when they want it and via what channel, your brand can provide customers with a consistent, personalized journey across all touchpoints; from email marketing and onsite recommendations to social media ads and the in-store experience.

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In this webinar we’ll talk to you about how AI and headless segmentation are transforming marketing teams — enabling scale, automation and, ultimately, personalization for your customers like never before.

What you’ll learn:
– How to win the battle to acquire and retain customers
– How to move away from generic, blanket comms
– How to build an agile, future-proof tech stack
– How to deal with the third-party cookie ban

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Meet Audiences, from Peak

Audiences is an AI application that gives teams the power of AI-driven segmentation at their fingertips, unlocking better understanding of customers and ultimately the ability to deliver personalized customer engagement across every touch point.

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Audiences provides a detailed view of your customers by applying AI models to transaction, customer, product, web, email and metadata. Let us show you what it can do for your business.

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Game-changing AI. Game-changing results.

With Audiences you can drive huge results across your key metrics…

  • Combat rising acquisition costs & increase ROAS

  • Gain a holistic view of customer segments

  • Encourage more repeat purchases

  • Increase customer lifetime value

  • Reduce churn, increase retenton

  • Drive higher conversions & engagement

Want to learn how you can use Audiences? Our use case guide will tell you more

Audiences helps you acquire new customers and drive growth and improve retention of existing ones. Learn more about what it can do, as well as the capabilities of the rest of our Customer Intelligence stack, in our handy use case guide.

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