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AI segmentation in a pre-built application

How Audiences works under the hood

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How Audiences works

Audiences is an application that runs on Peak's web-based platform. It uses AI to analyze customer data and group them into segments based on commonalities. It's used by marketing teams to deliver personalized content to their customers.

Unify your data

Unify your data

Peak's Dock feature gathers all your customer data into a single repository so it can give your marketing team a unified customer view.

Apply AI

Apply AI

Audiences uses AI to analyze all your customer data and create segments based on commonalities.

Display in a dashing dashboard

Display in a dashing dashboard

Audiences gives end users an adjustable segment map that your marketing team can modify using filters.

Audiences is interoperable

Audiences works with your existing systems, integrating and adding intelligence

Audiences is part of the Peak’s browser-based platform. Peak’s interoperability means it can easily become a core part of your tech stack, natively operating with your data platforms, customer relationship management (CRM) system, customer data platform (CDP), social media management tools and many more.

With composability at its core

Audiences is composable, meaning you can add more AI over time

Audiences is part of Peak’s Customer Intelligence application stack. It uses composable AI, so you can get started with Audiences and add other applications over time. This includes our Recommender application that uses AI to automatically recommend content to your customers based on their segment.

Learn about Recommender

Peak and your data

There are two main methods we use to transfer data to the Peak platform:

Data Bridge
Customers configure connections to their own data sources. The data is queried at the source. There is no duplication of data or persistence of data in Peak’s infrastructure.

Data Bridge enhances security because Peak connects directly to your data lake. Data stays within your walls and you control the keys. Data is only stored in your own infrastructure, so we don’t need to duplicate it across multiple locations, which helps maintain data integrity.

Data connectors
Peak uses data connectors to access, duplicate and process customer data. A copy of the data is created and stored in Peak’s infrastructure.

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Built on Kubernetes

Built on Kubernetes (AWS-managed) and Argo. Using the best of breed technology for scalable workflows.

CPU/GPU configurability

Pick between CPU/GPU and memory for each step of a workflow.


All Peak infrastructure is scripted and cloud first. This help us to build environments fast.


Majority of services are deployed on Serverless, Docker/Container or AWS Managed Service. This help us to scale fast without specialist skills and take away maintenance and patch-in overhead.

User adoption

We know having the right application is only part of succeeding with AI. Our team will work with your key stakeholders and end users to ensure the application is fully operational and delivers value. We will:

  • Use an agile delivery approach with clear milestones, deliverables and outputs at each stage
  • Support and train your end users to drive adoption
  • Spend time with your teams to understand your company strategy and align the application to it
  • Run monthly check-in and quarterly business reviews to explore the application and make sure it’s delivering value for your business
  • Data security at peak

    The security of our customers is engrained in everything we do at Peak.

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