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Decision Intelligence for Construction Supply Chains

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Despite digitization, construction supply chain still remains fragmented and hugely complex.

Merchants and manufacturers are challenged by customer volatility, whether they’re giant contractors, tradespeople or DIYers. Predicting demand, optimizing inventory, sourcing materials and selling them at the right price is a difficult balancing act.

Decision Intelligence unifies a business’ siloed data, enabling them to make the best possible decisions, all the time. It allows them to make continuous predictions and react quickly – driving agility, speed and consistency across the value chain.

Your supply chain fully optimized

Make faster, more consistent decisions to adapt your business in volatile conditions, all the time.


Set the perfect pricing, and avoid unnecessary discounting. Predict customer demand and conversion likelihood, and balance this with overall demand and cost.

Optimize and allocate inventory

Too much stock ties up capital, too little means missed sales. Predict demand to set dynamic safety stock levels, inform inter-branch transfers and meet SLAs.


Monitor changing customer behavior with dynamic segmentation, and target them with the right products at the right time to increase both upsell and share of wallet.

Distribution resource planning

Integrate your pick, pack and dispatch with route optimization. Maximize fleet productivity and reduce cost to serve.

Production scheduling

Production scheduling

Optimize the sequencing across manufacturing plants to reduce downtime and increase throughput.

Benefits at every turn

Decision Intelligence delivers real benefits for merchants and building materials manufacturers.

  • Data augmentation

    Use financial data to understand growth trajectory, planning data to predict demand, or even weather data to predict impacts on delivery

  • Increase collaboration

    Are your customers' forecasts accurate? Data sharing helps you understand capacity and sell-through rates, improve OTIF, and reduce stock-outs and cost-to-serve

  • Unify data

    Leverage more value from your business-wide data, connecting previously siloed data sources to power great commercial decisions, all the time

  • Interconnected AI

    Realise the benefits of Decision Intelligence across your entire business, with multiple AI models working in sync, informing one another, and getting smarter over time

  • Meet sustainability targets

    Smarter forecasting and logistics means less wastage and a reduced carbon footprint, helping businesses move towards improving sustainability and meeting Net Zero targets

We can make Decision Intelligence a reality for your business

Enterprise businesses are using Decision Intelligence from Peak to gain an edge on the competition. We'd love for you to join them.

Breakdown silos and improving the bottom line

Discover how Decision Intelligence is enhancing decision making at Polypipe, and why the manufacturer of plastic piping systems is placing trust in its data.

Peak makes it easy to get started

  • Peak has the technology, strategy, services, and support to help you succeed with Decision Intelligence – a new category of enterprise software.

  • Messy data? No problem. Peak ingests, transforms, and unifies your data to deliver rapid results with a short time to value.

  • Solutions are configured to meet your needs, with each one focused on optimizing specific business functions.

  • Peak integrates with your existing business systems, so there’s no need to rip and replace.

Putting Decision Intelligence at the core

Perfect pricing, better customer experience. Here's how Decision Intelligence is optimizing Marshalls, the UK's leading paving manufacturer's processes.

You’re in good company

We believe in forging the perfect partnership with our customers, giving you the technology and skills you need to guarantee success with AI.

How good data can help us build better

Peak and gathered industry experts to discuss how good data can help the sector meet its challenges.

AI-driven results and ROI

Here’s a look at how we’re helping some of our customers optimize different aspects of their business with Decision Intelligence!


Speedy Expired

Optimizing inventory, identifying assets savings, and growing revenues.

Doubling online recommended product purchases across superstores.


Optimizing pricing and processes to keep customers happy.

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