This policy is effective from 02/11/22

Platform Edition Policy

All customers subscribe to a single Platform Edition as part of their Peak License. Peak is a secure and dedicated platform to centralize your data set, build AI applications and surface insights and recommendations to your business users.

There are three Platform Editions – Essentials, Business and Enterprise. Each Platform Edition provides access to varying features and functionality, as listed below:

In addition to your Peak license, you can subscribe to credits, which are purchased in bundles on a recurring basis. They can be used or ‘placed’ against a number of elements within Peak. For more information please refer to our Credits Policy below.

Credits Policy

Credits are purchased in addition to the Peak License on a recurring basis. 

They can be used or ‘placed’ against a number of elements within Peak.

Peak credits allow you the flexibility to explore and leverage our platform capabilities in a scalable way, unique to your business needs. Credits are driven by the complexity and volume of usage, as well as the number of Peak Applications that are deployed within your business. 

All credits are purchased as a recurring bundle (‘Credit Level’) in addition to the Platform Fee

The Credit Level will vary based on your business requirements and objectives and give you a set number of credits that can be used over a minimum 12-month period.

Placing Credits

Credits can be allocated to the following elements:

  • Peak Applications 
  • Additional Power Users
  • Additional Commercial Users
  • Additional Workspaces
  • Insight Reports

With the exception of Peak Applications and Insight Reports which carry a 12-month commitment, all other elements can be switched once per month. 

Credits expire after their term (min.12 months from purchase date) and do not offer any carry-over value. Any “unplaced” credits will be extinguished and cannot be refunded/rolled-over into the next year of the contract term. 

Credits are renewed each 12-month period at the current level. You can upgrade your Credit Level at any point in the 12-months. This new level will remain until the end of the contract term. There are occasions where you may require additional credits for only a short period of time. In those instances, we have a small overage fee which will be applied rather than requiring customers to purchase a new level of credits. 

Elements are structured in a way which you can easily determine your potential usage, based on your business requirements. 

Additional Users: 

Users are classed in two distinct categories – Commercial and Power. Power Users have full access to Peak, while Commercial Users have access to the ‘Work’ product of Peak only.

Peak Applications:

Each Peak Application has a size and an associated value of credits. For more detail on the Peak Applications offered, and the credit values associated, please speak with your Commercial Manager or Customer Success support. 


Workspaces are where Applications are built. Where you require a different level of compute and memory power, you should speak with your Customer Success Manager. All Peak licenses come with two Small Workspaces with the Essentials Edition, two Medium Workspaces with the Business Edition and two Large Workspaces with the Enterprise Edition. However, should you require more Workspaces, you can place your credits to gain additional Workspace(s). 


AI Insight Reports that leverage your data to derive an in-depth understanding of business trends and customers behaviors to inform decision-making. We have a variety of Insight Reports which you can choose from. It is recommended that Insight Reports be consumed consecutively. All Insights require a 12-month credit commitment. In some instances, depending on the complexity, the Insight Report may require additional credits – your Commercial Manager will be able to advise and provide guidance.