Reducing waste and increasing efficiency

Using AI-driven forecasting to streamline grocery delivery.

55m plastic bottles of waste cut

Who are The Modern Milkman?

The Modern Milkman is an AI-powered doorstep-delivery companym specializing in the supply of farm-fresh milk and other food products in plastic-free packaging throughout the UK. To improve inventory and demand predictions, the company turned to Peak’s AI platform.

Demand forecasting reduces waste and increases efficiency

Demands on grocery supply and home delivery dramatically increased during the pandemic. With only 12% of 1.85 billion plastic items recycled weekly in the UK, the mission of waste reduction at The Modern Milkman resonated with many. As the company experienced exponential growth, it needed a new way to ensure the right products were in stock in its localized grocery hubs and drive greater operational excellence.

The company turned to its data to gain more insights into its supply networks and optimize its inventory planning. To achieve this, The Modern Milkman teamed up with Peak, an AWS Partner with multiple AWS Competency designations. These designations validate Peak’s technical proficiency and proven customer success in retail, supply chain, and machine learning. Through its AI platform, Peak supports transformative growth for retail companies in a variety of sectors. It leverages AI and machine learning to enhance performance and agility and drive efficiency throughout the entire retail supply chain of customers.

Peak helped The Modern Milkman streamline several facets of its business operations, beginning with demand forecasting for its milk.

The demand forecasting we’ve developed with Peak for our milk provides automation that streamlines our supply chain across the board. We’ve gained a ton of efficiency in our process while reducing a great deal of waste.

John Hughes

CIO at The Modern Milkman

AI powers the UK’s freshest deliveries with almost no substitutions

To drive the seamless, customer-centric performance of its digital delivery platform, Peak supports The Modern Milkman with AWS compute, storage and database services. The platform also leverages the scalability, flexibility and agility of several AWS services. The Modern Milkman leveraged the Peak platform connectors to drive faster machine learning model development and faster data analysis through scheduled imports.

AI-driven demand forecasting enabled The Modern Milkman to diligently tailor orders from its suppliers to reduce food waste. Warehouse and supply data and shelf-life information helped The Modern Milkman deliver orders to customers with minimal or no substitutions. The efficiency and accuracy reduced food spoilage while customers enjoyed the tradition of receiving local farm-fresh products at their doorsteps.

The AI-powered technology of Peak on AWS enables us to remove over 55 million plastic bottles from the environment while delivering the freshest and most accurate orders possible for our customers.

John Hughes

CIO at The Modern Milkman

Efficient stocking process drives deliveries 3x per week

In keeping with the tradition of accessing farm-fresh milk, eggs, and other staples from your doorstep in the morning, The Modern Milkman completes the transportation and delivery of up to three orders per week — overnight — for customers. Peak helps The Modern Milkman reimagine and optimize the flow of the stocking process in its hubs across the UK.

We see many people moving across the country to work for The Modern Milkman because they see a problem with plastic, or they see that we're a purpose-driven organization. Someone from France packed up his bag and moved over to work with us because he was so enamored by our mission.

John Hughes

CIO at The Modern Milkman

The Modern Milkman has plans for global expansion

Honoring its commitment to reducing waste, The Modern Milkman has not only solidified its reputation among its growing environmentally conscious customer base, but it has also attracted and maintained a high-quality workforce.

In asserting the value of Peak and AWS across its operations, Hughes expressed the company’s plan to continue the progress they’ve made. Beginning with an expansion across the UK, The Modern Milkman also has plans to expand its operations to the US market. The company will leverage its AI insights to tackle an internal reduction of its CO2 emissions and much more.

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The Modern Milkman's John Hughes is joined by Braze, Snowflake and Peak to discuss the company's AI strategy to improve operational effectiveness and reduce waste.

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