97% user increase in four months

Who are you?

Leaf is a popular Latin American music streaming service, rated as one of the top five services worldwide. Using Peak’s Customer Intelligence solution, which combines clustering, behavioral analytics, and predictive analytics to increase retention and lifetime value (LTV) of customers, we grew our active user base by 97% in just four months.

What was your challenge?

We initially grew rapidly and were able to acquire users at very low costs, but needed ways to keep those customers for longer and, as a result, improve their lifetime value.

In using Peak, we have gained a data capability previously out of reach for a company like us. Peak’s platform and service enable us to make use of our vast amounts of user-generated data for practical business reasons and drive growth. It is a no-brainer for companies to run on Peak for all their advanced analytics needs – something all businesses need to do today to compete.

Gilbert Corrales

CEO and Co-founder, Lead

What did Peak do?

We gave Peak access to our user data, which includes attributes, application, and operational info. They combined it with data from their ad-platforms and YouTube, as well as data scraped from the web. After sorting through and modeling it, Peak began mining the data for patterns and trends that could help us to achieve our goal.

Working with AWS’s machine learning solutions, and by using clustering models to separate hundreds of millions of our users’ actions in groups, Peak was able to identify our most valuable users, how they were acquired and how they used the service.

With a simple set of dashboards, as well as a live data feed, we could target users with the highest chance of becoming high-value customers. It also allowed our product team to shape the platform around the behaviors of the most valuable users.
Through our subscription to Peak, we’ve had regular support both throughout the on-boarding process and on an ongoing basis. This support includes fortnightly insight-reviews, weekly progress reports, and quarterly service reviews.

What’s the upshot?

Our work with Peak has shown us just what can be done with big data analysis in business today. Not only have we been able to grow faster, but we’ve also been able to make decisions and optimize our marketing spend in ways that we previously couldn’t.

The potential applications of AI are vast.

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