5x more value generated

from Free and Single's existing user base

Who are you?

FreeAndSingle is the most popular of over 500 dating sites powered by us at Free Dating Platform. We provide a white label and private label dating platform for businesses to operate their own free and freemium dating sites, typically focusing on niches in customer lifestyles, circumstances, budgets and relationship ambitions.

What was your challenge?

We were spending a lot of money on advertising and didn’t want to spend any more until we knew how well it was working! Also, we had a lot of data, and we knew we weren’t making full use of it and weren’t fully aware of what we could do with it. Ultimately, we want to create the world’s best customer acquisition and retention model in online dating, but to do that we need to understand our users better and provide them with a better service.

Peak has not only shown us where the value in our data is and how we can use it but has reduced our reliance on advertising by improving our understanding of our user-base and optimizing our processes.

Tim Taylor

Founder, Free and Single

What did Peak do?

After workshopping with us to understand the company, our platform, and our data, Peak did three things. Firstly, it built algorithms that identified and segmented our eight most essential types of user. This allows us to track the activity of those users, work out which of their favored activities increase our revenue, and tailor our platform accordingly.

Next, Peak analyzed how our user-base, as a whole, behaves on our platform and what actions they take before non-paying users become paying users. This “pathway analysis” allowed us to optimize the most common routes to conversion, such as by increasing the number of free conversations users can have.

Finally, using AI, we have been able to start identifying which individual users are most likely to stop using the platform and deliver interventions that encourage them to stay. We test different types of intervention to see which ones our users value the most and which, therefore, are most successful.

What’s the upshot?

We’re getting more paying customers, they’re staying with us for longer, and there’s more engagement among users on our site, while there is less need for us to spend lots on advertising.

What could your business achieve with AI?

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